In my mind, in memory, once Vishnu made His entrance into the stage that is my devotional practice, I stopped writing or practicing or even really thinking about it all that much. In memory, I balked and struggled, and dragged my feet, and was the physical embodiment of reluctance. When cautioned by a dear friend that Krishna (the particular part of Vishnu that gave me the most pause, both because of His immense popularity, which was off-putting to me, and also because of how not-Poseidon Krishna ‘felt’, despite Vishnu ‘feeling’ very Poseidon) is known to approach one in the same manner one approaches Him — in other words, that my reluctance might be returned, because of my reluctance — I realized I needed to get that under control. It’s Interacting with Others 101, right? Whether the others are human or other animal or some variety of spirit, it does not matter. Who enjoys interacting with someone else while knowing that that someone else would rather be anywhere, doing anything else? My reasons for being reluctant may be as sound as all get out, and Krishna, for example, might even know, understand, and sympathize with my reluctance, but that’s no excuse for bad behavior. Continue reading “Vishnu”


Poseidon Shrine Triptych
Poseidon poppet by Beth Wodandis; St. Merman of the Orphan Seals by Barbara Sobczynska; Narasimha artist unknown

This story is a well-loved story, one I enjoy telling over and over again. Once upon a time, there was a young woman, a girl really, who was on the verge of being utterly, irrevocably broken. Shattered, depleted, spent, exhausted. Jaded beyond her scant years upon the planet, and ready, so very ready, to be done with the world.

It’s a romantic story at its heart, and also, my favorite particular type of story: that of first contact and the beginning of a journey that ultimately lead to acceptance, love, and home.

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I’ll ride the wave where it takes me.


From August of 2009 to January of 2017, I kept a blog, Strip Me Back to the Bone. I began writing publicly about my spiritual and religious experiences, about living a devotional life, as a sort of real time alternative to writing a book about being a Poseidon devotee. I’ve written, I hope, candidly and transparently; I’ve shared a lot of myself not because I think anything I’m doing is overly important (it’s not) or because I think my gods need me to speak up for Them (I don’t) but rather because I wanted to create the content I wish I had access to, when I was a brand new devotee starting out.

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