Well, hello, Beloved.

Funny thing happened. I decided that I would mark Matsya’s birthday this coming March. Why Matsya’s birthday? As I touched upon in my last post, partially as a sign of getting over myself already. It’s been over two years since “Hey, maybe also Vishnu?” was dropped on me, and while I’ve converted the shrine I’ve…

    Is this my fate, to deny the face my beloved wears? To resist, to push back? When He first came to me, when He first introduced Himself, I balked at the name He offered. I tell that part of the story a lot, because it amuses me now, the audacity of it. When…

Bring Yourself Before Them

Or: how to do devotion. Though, in truth,this is more ‘a way to do devotion,’ and not ‘the way to do devotion.’ (Honestly, if anyone tries to sell you THE way to do devotion, run, don’t walk, as far and as fast as you can.) When asked what I believe is the single-most crucial step…


or: Is that You, Beloved?


This story is a well-loved story, one I enjoy telling over and over again. Once upon a time, there was a young woman, a girl really, who was on the verge of being utterly, irrevocably broken. Shattered, depleted, spent, exhausted. Jaded beyond her scant years upon the planet, and ready, so very ready, to be done with the world.

It’s a romantic story at its heart, and also, my favorite particular type of story: that of first contact and the beginning of a journey that ultimately lead to acceptance, love, and home.