Writing Check-in

Not quite right . . .


For those of you not following my FB or my Patreon campaign: I’ve made some changes to my Patreon campaign that will go live April 1st. A few things prompted these changes, but primarily it’s been burnout. I started producing four to five thousand words of content monthly in 2014, and it’s been awesome to see these projects through to the end, but it’s also been exhausting. Thanks to the encouragement of my wonderful supporters, in January I decided to try releasing content quarterly rather than monthly, and I set myself the task of wrapping up When Worlds Collide 3 in time for a release in March/April.

I’ve finished the latest draft of that a week or so ago, and frankly, it needs rewriting. More than that, though: I’m currently bored to tears by that series. Which doesn’t mean that I don’t love it, because I do. But I’ve also been working on that exclusively since last year. I need something new. I’m frustrated, because I knew that would be a problem; that happened with Marriage of Land and Sea, which is why I promised myself (and my supporters) that I would go back to shorter fiction . . . And I did! I did novellas. Just, you know. Interconnected novellas that built up the story. Which is sort of like writing a book, instead . . . Dammit.

Well, it’s just about April, and I will have new content out fo

Her Ladyship is my sometimes muse, so this is closer, but still not quite right.

r my patrons — all of ‘em — come April 1st, even if it’s not what people were hoping for/expecting. I’m excited about these projects, and I think that can only be a good thing. So, what are the changes?

Patrons pledging a dollar or more will gain access to exclusive content, to be published nowhere else, on a regular basis. Officially, it’s “as they are completed”, in order to allow myself wiggle room in case of burn out or hectic schedules. Off the record? I miss releasing material regularly, so while I won’t say it will be monthly, I’m also not saying it will not be. $1 pledges grant you access to a serial I’m working on, 500 – 1000 words at a time, that I’m really just aiming to have fun with. $5 pledges grants you access to new short fiction, also exclusive, of at least 2000 words. These won’t be installments; these will be completed stories when they reach your inbox. Pledges higher than that grants you access to more stuff that you can check out here, but it’s these first two that I’m super excited about, because YAY NEW PROJECTS!!


Anyone simply following my campaign will also receive the odd and random freebie bit of content (hint: I’ve not given up on Kitten, Witchin’ just yet), just for the fun of it, because I have missed working on new things, and short things, etc. 2017 is the year of Write The Things. Here it is nearly April, and I feel like I’m only just getting my bearings in this writing retreat year thing that I’m doing. Sheesh.

I’m 2k into one new story, 3k into another, and have the first of the serial drafted already. It’s been a good writing day.

There! My writing station, perfected.

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