If you’re just finding this space now, hi, and welcome! I’m Jolene, and I’m a devotee of Poseidon’s. I’ve written a lot, over a lot of years, about my journey as a devotee, about creating liturgy based around Poseidon worship, about what it might look like to live a devotional life dedicated to Poseidon. I’ve written a lot about struggling with the internal places devotion has brought me, and about my Beloved playing fast and loose with names. I’ve written a lot about how words matter, about how names matter, and also, about how they maybe don’t. I’ve written about being a godspouse, about walking your path, about how you get to define what that path looks like, not other people who are not walking that path.

In January of 2017, I tossed that material under lock and key for a number of reasons which I mostly talk about here. TL;DR version is: I felt that I wanted to do so, and so I did. I’m planning on bringing over some of my favorite material, some of the most popular material, some of the most useful material from there to here, but largely, I wanted a clean slate, a fresh page, a new notebook, if you will. So here we are.

Obligatory about me stuff: I’m Jolene, and I’m a polytheist. I’m an author of both fiction and non, I’m owned by a number of cats and one very tenacious dog. I’m a wife, I’m a knitter, I’m a tea guzzler. I’m a devotee of Poseidon’s, with the understanding that I’m not clinging to that name any longer, that what I care about is walking with my Beloved, and not so much the names ¬†we use to tell our stories. I’m one of those pesky hard polytheists, in that I believe the gods are separate and distinct, except for when I’m not and I don’t, and I really could not care less about trying to pin it down any more tightly than that. Mystery needs flexibility. Water will flow, will mold to the container, and will wear away at the toughest of rocks. I’ll ride this wave where it takes me.